Chilton Christian Academy

Parents: Charles and Beverly Klein

What activities and organizations are you involved in?

Matt Klein: Track, and I have also been involved in basketball and baseball, fine arts, Spelling Bee and choir. Captain of the basketball team, long distance track, and I do the jumping, the long jump and the high jump, state track meet.

Klein is also in the youth group at West End Baptist Church in Clanton.

What honors have you received?

MK: I’ve received some awards for basketball. I’ve been elected to the (ACEA) all-star team twice.

What are your plans after graduation?

MK: I’m either going to try to attend Montevallo, or I will maybe go into the military. Either the Navy or the Marines.

Are you thinking about doing both college and the military?

MK: Yes. My granddad was a decorated pilot, I believe. My dad was in the military, not during a time of war though.

Do you have any favorite memories from high school?

MK: I guess most of them would have to do with basketball games, different shots and things like that.

Who are your mentors?

MK: There’s a couple teachers here that have been really good for me. Dr. (Rufus) Webster, Todd Stephens and Charlotte Johnson.

What advice would you give to younger students?

MK: To put forth effort in everything that you do because there will be rewards for it. Also, to try to keep God first.