Jemison High School

Parents: Rick and LeeAnn Jackson

What activities and organizations are you involved in?

Hylan Jackson: FCCLA, DECA, Beta Club, J Club, SGA, Archery Team. I was a cheerleader two years. I’m currently the president of FCCLA. I was the vice president one year. That was actually last year. Then I was the secretary and treasurer my sophomore year.

Have you received any honors or awards?

HJ: Yes. I’ve gotten highest history and English awards before. I was in the top five in my chemistry class.

What are your plans after graduation?

HJ: I plan to attend the University of Montevallo, where I’ve currently been accepted, and I would like to pursue a degree in elementary education. I would like to teach kindergarten or first grade. I adore kids. Currently, I’m also working right now at an afterschool care program at Jemison Elementary School. We call it EDP, but it’s just a daycare program. Working with them has really helped me decide my future. It goes from K through sixth grade. We do the homework with them, and then we do crafts with them and play with them. Because they’re spending more time at school than they are at home, you want to kind of give them that fun, homey atmosphere. I love it. As of right now, my main goal is to become a teacher and have a family and settle down. Also, at the University of Montevallo, I hope to join a sorority.

What is your favorite memory from high school?

HJ: One of my favorite memories was when I was a cheerleader, and we had a pep rally, and we got our coaches to go out there and dance. That was pretty funny. My other one would be when we went all the way to nationals with the Archery Team last year. Last year was our first year, and we went all the way to Kentucky, so we did good.

Who are your mentors?

HJ: Karen Cox – she is FCCLA sponsor and FACS teacher here at Jemison High School. Nanette Easterling – she is a math teacher here. I would definitely say my sister. She is currently working at the University of Montevallo. She is an admissions counselor. She definitely influenced me.

What would your advice be to younger students?

HJ: No matter how stressful you think school is, to just continue and always vent your problems to someone, and try to find a teacher that’s willing to help you. You definitely need to get advice. Ask for help. Don’t be scared to ask, and always stand up for what you think is right, no matter if your friends are going to judge you or not. You just have to be yourself. I learned that a lot my senior year. That one hit home.