Maplesville High School

Parents: Evelyn and Carl Morrow

What activities have you been involved in?

Cameron Morrow: I’m involved in football, basketball, track. I’m president of the Senior Beta Club, and also the SGA, Student Government Association. I’m president of my class, and also I’m in the National Honor Society, FCCLA, FFA and FCA, which is Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

What honors or awards have you received in high school?

CM: I’ve received all kinds of basketball plaques, all kinds of football. I’ve received scholarships from the Rotary Club.

What are your plans after graduation?

CM: I plan to go to the University of Montevallo and to major in business management.

Do you have any specific career goals?

CM: After I graduate from Montevallo with my bachelor’s, I plan to go back to get my graduate and hopefully open up my own business.

Did you have any mentors growing up?

CM: I’ve had a few mentors in my life like my coaches, both Coach Bailey and Coach Hubbert, my mom and dad, of course, and also my tutor from Upward Bound and my counselor from here, Maplesville.

What would your advice be for younger students?

CM: My advice would be to always stay focused, and that if you put in enough hard work and determination, there’s always a great outcome that comes out of it.