Peach Living asked community members what they were especially thankful for this year. These are their answers.

“The ability to simplify life via the art of letting go of all the things that serve no purpose, yet take up so much of our time.”—Deanna Lawlis

“I’m thankful for another year with a special 9 yr. Old. He is our Superman and such a strong warrior to go thru so much in his young life.”— Deanna McMinn

“God’s blessings of family and friends.” — Janet Spigner

“I’m thankful for good health, my loving husband, my family, my friends, my God, my faith to keep me grounded, and to live in the home of the free because of the brave.” — Sharon Cornell Keyes

“To be alive God blessed me another year so thankful and my children and grandbabies are ok my family is ok and friends thank you Jesus.” — Helen Chapman

“I’m thankful for God, without him there would be nothing to be thankful for! My beautiful little girl who feels my heart with love. My amazing husband who provides for us and loves us always! My in-laws, who are the best people and would do anything for their family, especially their grand babies! Last but not least, I’m thankful for my aunt Barbara for always being there for me and my family and for being a great friend, Aunt, mother and Mimi. I am so truly blessed.”— Chantal Spearman

“I’m very thankful for the brotherhood in our local fire department and my closes friends. On 12-14-2018, my son was driving down 145 and was hit head on by a 18 wheeler. Junior firefighter 851. If it wasn’t for my church family, friends and the brotherhood of our fire departments, I don’t know where I would be today. But I’m very thankful for everyone that was there for me.” —Heath Nivens

“I am thankful for receiving NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) grant money to further my education.” — Bobby Windham

“Being in my right mind, and a relationship with GOD, I have been through a lot but GOD brought me through it all, and I definitely don’t look like what I’ve been through, got married and became superintendent of Sunday school at my church, GOD is so amazing!” — Loretta Holifield

“Thankful for life and all that God has in store! So thankful for celebrating my life!!Breast cancer diagnosis in November 2017, extreme chemo and radiation, faith and lots of love from my family. I’m celebrating today cancer free! Just thankful to God!” —Yvonne White Mitchell

“A new day.” — Dave Jones

“My daughter.” — Jay Niamon

“I’m thankful to be a child of God. His blessings are shown to me everyday. His forgiveness for my sins are proof of his love for me. I’m thankful, grateful and blessed. I love our Lord Jesus Christ.” — Pat Coker Ellison

“I’m thankful to be living in a community where the residents still step in to help one another, & even help strangers who are just passing through.” — Vickie Boswell

“My precious grandson Miles Fisher McCay.” —Suzy Harrison Mccay

“My husband and our beautiful children.” — Heather Bryson

“I’m thankful for so much but I’m most thankful for my family, my Lord and Savior and the USA military which fights for our freedom.” — Terrie Childress