Story by Tori Quinn

When Averie Porter was crowned 2018 Miss Chilton County, she saw the perfect opportunity to spread love and kindness wherever she went.

“I care about people deeply,” Porter said. “When I get attached, I worry about them all the time.”

Porter sees the title as a chance to “represent myself on a bigger scale. It pushes me to be better.”

“It makes you want to do better for yourself and for my sister queens,” states Porter.

Part of Porter’s goal to model kindness was the occasion to have her and her sister queens help out in Butterfly Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center. Butterfly Bridge helps children who have been severely abused or have been a witness to a violent crime. This is where Porter realized she was able “to make a real impact on my community” by having the title of Miss Chilton County.

“It’s a heartwarming experience,” reflects Porter.

As Miss Chilton County, Porter is able to teach her sister queens lessons that will help them through life.

“I teach [my queen sisters] to be kind and to know that everybody has a say and that we should hear everybody out,” Porter said. “I care about them. I care about us as a queen sister family…I want them to be safe. I want them to know that they are loved by me, that I love the relationship we are building.”

One of Porter’s main objectives is to bring attention to Chilton County Schools.

“Our children now and our future children need better and safer environments,” explains Porter.

Porter expounded by saying some of the county schools are in the same condition as when her grandparents went through.

“For the safety of our children, our schools need an upgrade. [The] education system is great, but the actual school buildings need improvement.”

Porter is passionate about children and wants to make sure the next generation of Chilton County has the best of what they need. She hopes her title will give her more opportunities to speak about her stance on the public schools in the county.

Another platforms Porter wants to expound upon includes self-respect, especially for girls.

“Respect yourself,” Porter states. “If you don’t respect yourself, nobody will.”

Porter explained that people need to have self-respect by “knowing your limits. Know your worth and respect that in yourself, and your confidence will show.”

“Have big goals,” says Porter. “Make them important to you so you will achieve them. Aim high and go for it. Don’t let anything stop you. That’s what my mom always told me.”

Modeling respect is a big priority for Porter during her reign. She wants everyone to “have respect for everybody’s opinions and for what they do. We need to come together, and realize we are all humans and we all have feelings. Kindness goes a long way in today’s world.”

She recognizes the importance of reigning well.

“It will carry you the rest of your life if you do a good job,” Porter says. “How you handle yourself with this title will give you a reputation in this small community.”

Porter encourages girls to participate in pageants for the experience.

“Even if you don’t win, you’ll have fun,” Porter explains.

Porter looks with excitement toward the future. Participating in the marching band is a passion for Porter, and she eagerly awaits attending Troy University in the fall, where she will be a Troy Majorette.

“It’s a big pat on the back. It’s a really big accomplishment that I’m really glad I get to experience…I’ve been focused on majorettes my whole life,” states Porter.

Porter wants to continue to model kindness and respect through her career choice. Because she understands the hardship severe acne can have on teens, she aspires to be a dermatologist because “no one wants to be self-conscious. I want to help those people.”

“I want to be able to learn and maybe find a better cure for acne. I would love to one day be in a research study to find a better cure.”

Porter’s choice of study is motivated by her desire to give people more confidence.

Forging her way into life outside Chilton County, Porter leaves behind the lasting mark of kindness.