Sweet as a Peach Boutique is located inside Todd’s Produce on I-65 Exit 205 in Clanton and offers children’s clothing, swimsuits and accessories.

By Emily Beckett

Past the fruits and vegetables at Todd’s Produce in Clanton are novelties like Mustard Pie and Biscotti.

Be careful, though. These “novelties” aren’t edible, and they actually have nothing to do with food.

Mustard Pie and Biscotti are two of the brands Tasha Hayes carries in her new children’s clothing shop called Sweet as a Peach Boutique.

The boutique is located inside Todd’s Produce, her husband’s family’s business, off Interstate 65 Exit 205.

Hayes held a grand opening, fashion show and ribbon cutting on April 6.

Although it’s her first time to own and run a shop, Hayes is well versed in children’s clothing.

She has had practice choosing outfits for her 4-year-old daughter, Lexi Kate, and 10-month-old son, Hudson.

“My daughter was my inspiration,” Hayes said. “I just love dressing her.”

Tasha Hayes, owner of Sweet as a Peach Boutique, gained inspiration for her children's clothing shop from dressing her daughter, Lexi Kate, and her son, Hudson.
Tasha Hayes, owner of Sweet as a Peach Boutique, gained inspiration for her children’s clothing shop from dressing her daughter, Lexi Kate, and her son, Hudson.

Hayes’ shop, which adjoins the gift shop and ice cream parlor of Todd’s, offers outfits, separates, bathing suits and accessories for children ranging from three months to 12 years.

“I stick with the toddlers’ sizes for the most part; 2T to maybe 5T,” Hayes said. “I do go up to a size 7 in some stuff, and I do have some infant stuff.”

Hayes said sizes are the same for girls and boys, and she includes a size chart in each photo album she posts on her Sweet as a Peach Boutique Facebook page to help customers while shopping and ordering items online.

Other brands Hayes carries include LaJenns and Kate Mack. Among the accessories she sells are chunky necklaces for the girls and neckties for the boys.

Hayes said her toddler sizes are usually the first to go because parents start buying nicer outfits for their children as they start walking and reach preschool age.

“I’ve just learned from moms, and even having a daughter (that) when they’re not walking, you can’t dress them really cute because you can’t really see what they’re wearing,” Hayes said. “When they’re walking, you can put something cute on and you can see it.”

Hayes finds clothing lines to carry by researching companies online, taking recommendations from friends and going to market in Birmingham and Atlanta several times a year.

When she finds a new line she likes, Hayes calls the company and gets a representative who helps her launch the line in her shop.

Her children’s outfits normally cost about $65 each, while bathing suits range anywhere from $30–$50.

“Higher-end boutique stuff—that’s just something I wanted to stick with,” Hayes said. “I’m surprised it’s done well, but it has. The demand is way more than I thought, actually.”

The boutique will be open most days and times that the rest of the business is open: Monday through Sunday, from 7 a.m. to about 7 p.m. during the summer.

Hayes said closing times vary with the season but are updated and posted on the business’ website,

For more information, call (205) 755-3433.