Olives Organic Botanicals: Lip Replenisher Tube, $7.50; Tin, $10.50; Facial Replenisher Cleanser with Carrot Seed, $29.50; Facial Replenisher Moisturizer with Carrot Seed. $43.50

By Kerri Kelley

Beauty is only skin deep. True?

Regardless, we all want beautiful skin. Old man winter brings low humidity and cold winds to our environment. Internally, cold weather is said to constrict blood vessels and ultimately, through a chain of events causes, skin dehydration, leading to many bothersome winter skin conditions. You can keep supple glowing skin by following a few simple tips to accommodate the season.

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Protect your Skin – “Eighty percent of your skin’s aged appearance is caused by our environment (including the sun), not the passage of time,” says Julia Maddox, local skincare consultant for Rodan and Fields (a dermatologist founded skincare company). This is especially true in the winter when the sun is closer to the earth and rays are stronger. Sun damage causes brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles. To combat this damage, the dermatologists who developed Rodan and Fields recommend year round sunscreen against UVA and UVB rays. The line offers a mineral peptide powder that evens skin tone and contains SPF 20 to protect against UVA/UVB rays and a four-step regimen called REVERSE is also available, designed to address effects of existing sun damage and further prevent and protect.

Mind your Lips – Dry, chapped lips is one of the most prevalent winter skin conditions. Gentle exfoliation can reveal softer new skin for your pout. To exfoliate on the cheap, try using a mild face scrub on a new, clean toothbrush to gently polish away dead skin. There are also effective products such as “Lip Micro-Dermabrasion” (by Rodan and Fields) to be used on and around lips to remove dead skin cells. Maddox calls this product a personal favorite and adds that it “prevents lipstick bleed lines.” Most importantly, apply moisturizer daily to the lips. Former Clanton native and beauty blogger Amelia Keith suggests “a fabulous lip replenisher that is 100 percent organic.”

Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Regimen (bottom): Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash 125mL/4.2Fl.Oz; Spot Fading Toner 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz. OR Clarifying Toner 125 mL/4.2Fl.Oz.; Dual Intensive Acne Treatment 2 x 15mL/.5 Fl.Oz; and Oil Control SPF 20 30mL/1 Fl.Oz. $160

The product is made by Olive’s Organic Botanicals, a line based around the philosophy of organic skincare using natural botanicals and founded by a certified registered nurse. Olive’s Organic Lip Replenisher is priced reasonably around $10, comes in either a tin or tube and includes all organic ingredients. The enticing blend of ingredients proves to have antiseptic and healing properties and can play an important preventive role in aging. It’s true, even your lips show age!

Choose Creamy Cleansers – Avoid harsh soaps. One sure-fire product Keith recommends is Cetaphil, which offers cleansers and lotions for all skin types without breaking the budget. The Cetaphil website is a wealth of information. All the ingredients are clearly listed, and a handy product comparison chart helps determine what’s right for you based on your skin condition. You’ll feel as though you have had your very own skincare consultation. Cetaphil cleanser also comes in a gentle formula that looks to be a winner for winter. Mild cleansers are especially important when your skin is already thirsty due to moisture stripping elements in cold, dry conditions.

Address Worst Case Scenarios – Eczema and acne are two defiant skin conditions that often flare up during the winter. There are many types of medically diagnosed Eczema, but in general, the condition causes dry, itchy or inflamed skin. When natural oils in our skin are lowest, these conditions can become more pesky than usual. To fight back, use tips already mentioned such as cleansing and moisturizing regularly. Try SOOTHE by Rodan and Fields, which helps stop inflammation, combats toxins and pacifies irritable skin. For a total acne regimen, the brand also offers UNBLEMISH, a continuous solution that interrupts the acne cycle.

Rodan and Fields ENHANCEMENTS Regimen (top): Mineral peptide powder (light, medium or bronze), $29; Mineral peptide brush, $37; and Lip Micro-Dermabrasion. $16

In addition, Amelia Keith says one five-star moisturizer is Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion, which has the main ingredient of Argan Oil. The oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, making it super hydrating and nourishing. Because it is also gentle and paraben, sulfate, synthetic dye and fragrance free, it is ideal for acne sufferers. The Kahina Giving Beauty website features a section entitled “Ask the esthetician” to help match your needs with their products.

For more on products mentioned, visit rodanandfields.com, cetaphil.com, olivesorganicbotanicals.com, or kahina-givingbeauty.com. For medical advice or before beginning a new skin regimen, consult your dermatologist.