Inspiration from nature is a good place to start when choosing home décor.



As flowers start to bloom and warmer days arrive, thoughts turn to a new spring look for indoors as well.

Taking a cue from nature is the trending idea this spring.

Sherry Buckner of Grace Monroe Home said “bringing nature indoors by using faux plants and florals inside the home, as well as incorporating colors of nature in paint and home accents” are home décor trends.

“Colors such as sea foam, ocean blue and shades of green are going to be very popular this season,” she said.

Buckner and Amanda Cleckler of Grace Monroe Home have been focused on creating home accent pieces since 2007, when they started making and selling wreaths.

Buckner said some of her favorite items to work with are artificial florals and greenery as well as ribbon.

“We love making spring floral arrangements in galvanized metal buckets and containers, and adding cute bunnies, birds or butterflies to give it a fun, whimsical element,” Buckner said.

When planning a new look for a room, color is the first major consideration.

“Choose a color scheme that you love and find pieces that compliment it,” Cleckler said. “You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a beautifully decorated home. Utilize items that you already have, and add in a few new pieces each season. A vase with a few hydrangeas, or a couple of spring throw pillows, can add so much charm to your space. Your home should be filled with items that bring you joy.”

A centerpiece might be a simple place to start. Cleckler shares her Easter centerpiece project at gracemonroehome. com/diy-easter-centerpiece.

For those new to choosing home décor or decorating for spring, Cleckler cautions against comparison to those who have been doing it awhile.

Amanda Cleckler and Sherry
Buckner share their favorite
home décor projects as
Grace Monroe Home.

“Don’t compare your home to anyone else’s. It can be tempting to want to run to Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, and those outlets can be a fantastic way to stay up to date on trends and popular styles, but if you aren’t careful, they can also be overwhelming at times,” she said “The most important thing to remember is to fill your home with items you love. Just because someone says something is ‘trendy’ or ‘popular’ doesn’t mean you have to incorporate it in your decor if you don’t love it.”

Grace Monroe Homes helps individuals put a personal touch on their home décor plans through its project tutorials. The blog focuses on “tutorials and design inspiration for those looking to add beauty and charm” to any home, Cleckler said. Weekly Flower Friday Live videos offer additional craft and décor projects.

Wreaths continue to be a popular project for the duo. Buckner said patience is a key for completing one’s first wreath.

“Be patient with yourself, and don’t be afraid to try new things,” she said “If you don’t love the way your wreath or project turns out, you can always start from scratch and do it over.”

Buckner and Cleckler’s enjoyment of wreath making has grown into helping others start a wreath business through their Design with The Pros Club where they teach others how to make and sell wreaths.

Spring wreaths and other projects can be accessed at