Bright colors are popular this summer for woman’s clothing, such as this Bright blue shirt held by Whitney Smith at LJ’s boutique. (Joyanna Love/ Advertiser)


The weather is hot and so are the fashion trends this summer in Chilton County. Local boutique owners took some time to comment on top local trends.

Girls clothing

Tasha Hayes, owner of Sweet as a Peach Boutique, said floral and peach with lots of frills and ruffles are popular for girls’ special occasion dresses and “high-end” casual wear.

“Rompers are super popular, too, now,” Hayes said.

Hayes said she focuses on styles for girls newborn to age 12. She predicts what will be popular locally by looking at the styles and colors customers have bought in the past.

She said older girls tend to go for the softer material for their dresses.

Outfits from light, breathable fabric are popular to combat the Alabama summer heat.

“People tend to go more for the sleeveless, obviously, because it is just so hot here,” Hayes said.

“Flutter Sleeves,” a short piece of fabric on top of each shoulder of a shirt, are also popular.

“It just adds a little texture to it and I think people tend to like it because it adds just a little bit to it that you wouldn’t normally have with just a sleeveless shirt,”

Hayes said.

When shopping for a summer wardrobe for a daughter, Hayes said it is important to find styles the girl will find comfortable.

“If when they get home the child won’t put it on, then you’ve wasted your money,” Hayes said.

She said to look for pieces the child will look good in, like and “wear every day.”

“I also tend to go toward stuff that is washable, it won’t fall apart,” Hayes said.

This sometimes means paying a little more for long-term durability.

Mustard Pie designs are her best sellers, Hayes said. She added that a benefit of the brand is pieces from different outfits can be switched to provide children more options.

Some girls like the dresses with the Capri’s underneath, others do not.

Another trend in shopping for girl’s clothes is ordering online.

Hayes said she has set up this option through the boutique’s Facebook page.

“I do way more online, definitely,” Hayes said. “I think people like to sit at home in the comfort of their home,” Hayes said.

Her online customers are a mix of local and out-of-town customers.

She said it also gives moms more flexibility in when they can shop. 

Women’s Clothing

Whitney Smith of LJ’s Boutique said floral patterns and bright colors, such as Royal Blue, mint, lemon and pink, are big in women’s clothing this year.

Rompers and maxi dresses are also popular styles this summer.

“The cold shoulders are coming in. They were in a little bit at the end of last year but they are coming on strong,” Smith said. “It’s like a tank top and then it has the flowy sleeves and then a cutout.”

Off-the-shoulder designs are also hot this year.

The boutique carries a variety of sizes and plans to expand its selection throughout the summer.

Smith said many of the customers to the boutique are headed to the beach, so the boutique offers “something they can wear on their night out, something they can wear to take pictures in, while they are done there and really stand out.”

Popular fabric types for summer are cotton, polyester blend and sheer chiffon, Smith said.

Smith said those looking to add to their summer wardrobe should look for comfortable clothing in bright colors.

“If you see something you want, you better get it because it will be gone tomorrow,” Smith said.

Jewelry and accessories with horn and arrowhead designs have remained popular.

“We saw a big sell on them … in the fall, but they have carried over to the summer too,” Smith said.

Loverich and Intro are some of the boutiques top brands.


Versatility and durability are important when choosing a child’s shoe.

“People really tend to go for these [Livi& Luca] because they last. They do. They clean up and they last so well,” Hayes said.

She said it is good to choose a color that will match anything the child might wear.

Volitale flip flops/sandals are also a fast selling item.

Hayes said she thinks they are popular this year because they are “super comfy and they match everything.”

For women, sandals and wedges in neutral colors like tan go well with the bright colors of the season. Smith said wedges were popular last year as well.